Pan Pacific Masters 7-10 Nov 2018 

Gold Coast Aquatic Centre

Miami swimmers put in some great performances at the games. As a team Miami won the most points in both the women's and men's results. The relay teams did exceptionally well. Congratulations to all participants.

Here's a few highlights:

Margie Fittock competed in 11 individual events and place on the podium for 10.  She also swam in 3 relays and all placed second.  

Denise Robertson swam in 7 events and place first, breaking her own World Record by 6 seconds in the 1500m.

Joan Patterson swam in 8 individual and placed on the podium in 5 events.  

Alan Carlisle swam in 6 events and won all with records being set in all and also swam in 3 relays which placed first - start swimmer.

Hobe Horton swam in 6 events and placed at the podium for 5.

Eduardo won 4 individual events, a bronze in two events and swam in 2 relays.