Miami Masters has registered a team for the MS Swimathon and at the same time we will earn more endurance swim points. Many of you know Thomas Henker and his partner Julia who swim at Miami three times a week. To join Team Miami Masters and Friends of Thomas at the Swimathon for MS on Sunday 20 October at Nerang pool:

  1. 1. Click on:

  2. 2. Click on Join Our Team

  3. 3. For Registration Type, click adult entry. The early-bird fee is $20. 

  4. 4. Complete registration, create username and password and click Next Step. 

  5. 5. Donate it you wish -- click Next Step.

  6. 6. Click next step as we do not have a Team payment code. 

  7. 7. Enter credit card information to pay the $20 and click Complete My Registration.


If you cannot join us on October 20th and would like to support Team Miami Masters and Friends of Thomas click, you can donate at

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